Ice Cream Social in the Park – it was FUN!

Well, I did my part – I ate pie!  A big hand to all of those who worked to plan, prepare, and organize such a wonderful time for all involved!  I keep using exclamation points, because as I sit here and reflect on the great time we all had together all I can say is, “WOW – God blessed us!”  We had a perfect evening, beautiful weather, no bugs, and a great turnout.

People in age from 1 to 94 years young were there.  Never say you’re too old, or too young, until you talk to those who participated in joy, excitement, energy and FUN!  One of those 94-year young people was there Friday and again today setting up and getting ready.   I met people from all over the area, and did a head count at one point and counted over 130 people.  The band was AWESOME  – it felt like I had been transported back to the days when everyone gathered uptown to hear the band play in the bandstand every Sunday.

It was a magical evening full of friendship, renewing acquaintances, meeting new people – and of course plenty of pie, home-made ice cream, and the special recipe maid-rites.  God reaches out  in relationship and we as ambassadors of Jesus Christ reach out to others in His name.  Tonight was about sharing the Joy, the Love, and the fellowship of God’s family with each other and those around us.

The biggest question I heard was, “When will we do this again?”  Some suggested weekly – I voted for that on my second piece of pie (that was blueberry I think).  However as I reflect on the youth miniature golf build and play, the Sunday School ministries starting in a few weeks, the Praise in the Park band concert being planned, and all of the other things that people are talking about, I know that we will have lots of opportunities for having FUN, experiencing JOY, and sharing in RELATIONSHIP with each other – Spreading the Love of Jesus Christ.  Now if I can just figure out how to get some more pie in there somewhere…

Check back this week, we will have some video and more pictures for the website.  We are still building, learning, and finding new ways to make things happen on the website, so check back often. :-)

May God Bless you and Keep you Safe :-)

Now for some FUN video:

“Tiny Dancer”



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